Wiki Stats is a spiritual successor of TF Wiki's Wiki-Fi, but unlike the original website, it only has data about users.

The source code is available on GitHub and on GitLab.

This instance supports the following wikis:


How do I report a bug / suggest something?
You can open an issue on GitHub or send a private message to "Tark" on Libera Chat.
My total contributions are different from what my preferences page says it is, what gives?
In short, only visible edits are counted.
MediaWiki often doesn't update the edit count during certain operations, such as uploads or deletions, and we don't support the Flow extension.
Why is my thanks/deletion/block count wrong or outdated?
Log data only gets updated if the edit count changes, so it won't update unless you make something that MediaWiki recognizes as a contribution.
How often are stats updated?
Users: On demand.

Wikis: Hourly.

Lists: Hourly.