Current version: 1.2.0 (GitHub · GitLab)

Server Version: 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0-dev — Unreleased

Add bytes count to user stats

Add Dark mode

Add Pin users feature

Add Top 10 Contributors to wiki pages

Add Top 20 Monthly Contributors lists (/tops)

Add achievements and reorganized user pages into tabs

Add year selection to Top Monthly

Add Edits by Language graph for Portal and TF Wikis

Fix a bug with the total file uploads count on user pages

Fix some issues with Gamepedia's "Thanks" extension

Changed user page sections to a tab-based design

Accounts prefixed with DeletedUser or @DeletedUser are now ignored

Drank some milk to make the site stronger

Version 1.2.0

Add a special class for Curse Employees (user-curse)

Update the homepage to resemble Wiki-Fi's

Update wiki homepages to display top 10 editors and uploaders from all time

Update updateUser to automatically remove users when MediaWiki doesn't return a userid field

Update route files for wiki and users routes

Update wiki routes from /:wiki/wiki/* to /wiki/:wiki/*

Update user routes from /:wiki/user/:user/* to /user/:wiki/:user/*

Fix lists directory returning duplicate lists in some cases

Version 1.1.4

Optimize how namespaces and extensions are checked

Version 1.1.0

Add "Thanks" stats for TF Wiki (Extension:Thanks)

Update dependencies

Standardize image sizes

Version 1.0.4

Update dependencies

Fix profile links not working properly when wiki path is set to /w

Remove non-functioning search bar from base error pages

Version 1.0.0

Hello world!

Version 1.0.0-dev — Unreleased

Jesus, take the wheel!